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ookshop and Gallery Algebra offers an impressive selection of Croatian literature and books about Croatia and Dubrovnik not only in Croatian but in English, French and German as well. Here you will find everything from Croatian history books and travel guides to world top bestsellers.
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isit us in Stradun the main street of Old Town in Dubrovnik.
Address : Placa 9 , Dubrovnik
Phone : +385 20 323217
rtcrafts and the selection of finest souvenirs from Dubrovnik you can find in our shop. So whether you are looking for original postcards or usefull travel guide, or a piece of handmade artcraft the Algebra is a place you should not miss.
  • Robin Harris
    Povijest Dubrovnika
    Golden marketing, 2006
    Cijena : 200,00 kn
  • F. William Engdahl
    Bogovi novca
    Detecta, 2010
    Cijena : 180,00 kn
  • Zoran Ferić
    Kalendar Maja
    Profil, 2011
    Cijena : 129,00 kn
  • Nikola Batušić
    Četiri godišnja doba
    Profil, 2011
    Cijena : 99,00 kn
  • Sarah Dunant
    Sveta srca
    Naklada Ljevak, 2012
    Cijena : 149,00 kn
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